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Why buy from a new development?

Marbella has plenty of amazing properties on offer, ranging from traditional beach-front villas to modern apartments located in exclusive communities. But if you’re on the look for a new property and having trouble finding something that you like that already exists in the market, don’t rule out looking at properties still in the process of being built. Here are Marbella Living’s top reasons to think about buying from a new development in Marbella:

Estepona Development

1.) Customization & Personalization

You’re able to have the builder customize the home before construction is completed. Whether it’s choosing the colour of the paint or changing a bathroom fitting, you get more control over how the final product will look.

2.) All work is done

Which means that, with new construction or pre-construction purchases, the work is done for you.  You don’t have to lift a finger, a paint brush, or a hammer before you move in to your perfect new property.

Modern development

3.) Modern Design

New homes tend to offer more modern design and amenities. Open plan kitchens, walk-in closets and large master baths are usually standard features in new builds.

4.) Long-term financial savings

New properties offer the financial benefit of everything being in good working order with no need to pay for extra maintenance around the house. With brand new appliances, plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning, new build properties should stay repair free for at least a few years.

New Marbella Development

5.) More eco-friendly

Newly built properties are able to utilise new construction materials, meaning that homes built more recently are usually more energy efficient. As well as being good for the environment, this also offers the added bonus of potential to savings on utility bills.

6.) New builds are tech-savy

New homes and apartments are often equipped with the latest technology built right in – think security systems, multi-room speakers, Internet set up and TV services – saving you lots of time, money, frustration, and holes in the walls.

New Marbella Development

7.) You get the perfect home

You get to move into a house that is totally complete and absolutely perfect. That “new house smell” is definitely a luxury worth waiting for!

After reading this article we are sure you are now convinced and looking forward to buy a property in a new development in Marbella, Marbella living would be happy to assist you in your search. Marbella Living has a substantial portfolio of property around Marbella, Nueva Andalucía and the Golden Mile for sale. Please call us on 952 765 328 to discuss your property needs and to arrange a viewing.